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About WanShan
Wan Shan Technology Co., Ltd., a specialized plastic materials distributor, was established in December,
2008. Industrial equipment manufactures, such as TFT - LCB , PCB , semiconductor,optoelectronic... etc .,
are our main customers. In addition, we also previde reliable customized solution and products to our customers
from semi-finished mster ials.

    Employees are the greatest asset of our company. We believe our dedication and commitmentwill strive
for sustainable growth of our new venture. Our vision is to utilize our professionalknowledge and experience
to improve the quality of people's life.

Our Uision is achieve 4"P"s spirits:
l Profession 
l Passion    
l Precision      
l Providence 

浣善股份有限公司 Wan Shan Technology Cp., Ltd

ADD:No. 73-2-19, Neighborhood. 6, Nanshih Village, Linkou District, New Taipei City 244, R.O.C. Taiwan|TEL:02-2609-6130|